Why Do Families LOVE Thornbury Preschool?

"Both of my children attended Thornbury Preschool- a total of 4 years between them. We loved many things; the home-like atmosphere, lots of time to play, the large outdoor play area, car-line pick up and drop off, opportunity for an extended day as needed, but most of all the teachers. I felt like the teachers really understood and cared about my children and each of the other children in the class. Every day I dropped them off for school, the kids happily got out of the car. Highly recommended if you are looking for a gentle, nurturing, home- like environment for your children." (S. Alloway)

"Thornbury Preschool has wonderful, caring teachers that are very accommodating. 4 of my children have attended over the years & we have been pleased with this preschool's caring & fun learning environment." (P. Leavens)

"I couldn’t imagine a better preschool than Thornbury. The teachers are amazing! Caring, smart & dedicated. The kids learn a ton and have so much fun doing it! We LOVE our Thornbury family!" (T. Prematta)

"Great teachers and wonderful program. My son loved it!" (C. Murray)

"Our daughter loved her time at Thornbury Preschool. She made many friends, 
adored her teachers, and was thoroughly prepared to begin Kindergarten. As her parents, we were most impressed with all of the creative and fun ways the different lessons were presented and thought the end of the year picnic was a truly special experience for the children and their families. We would highly recommend Thornbury Preschool to anyone." (K.& J. Smitheman)

"For parents searching for a preschool for their children I highly recommend Thornbury Preschool. Both of my children attended Thornbury Preschool for two years and from our first visit at an Open House up until the day my younger child “graduated”, I was very pleased with the preschool. The Director and teachers are warm, nurturing, knowledgeable, playful, and patient and they really get to know each of the students personally. The low student-teacher ratio allowed my children to feel special and have individualized attention, which small children crave. I loved that the play based learning environment fostered my kids’ natural curiosity and creativity and I can say with confidence that both of my kids were socially and academically prepared to enter Kindergarten after attending Thornbury Preschool and I couldn’t have imagined a better place for my children to begin their formal educational experience!" (A. Snyder)