Our Mission 
We will work diligently and thoughtfully to provide a positive and creative environment where learning is powered by play.  We will focus on the development and needs of the whole child and provide a meaningful first school experience filled with opportunities for children to further develop an understanding of themselves, others, and their world. 
Our Philosophy 
Children are experts at playing. It is what they excel at without even trying and it is their most important work. We utilize this innate ability as a powerful springboard for learning. We focus on preparedness for kindergarten and socialization while promoting self-confidence, creativity, and kindness.
Our Program
Every learning experience each day is embedded in play. We provide a balance of unstructured free play and structured, teacher-planned play within our curriculum. While the benefits of unstructured play lie in the unpredictability of events leading to discovery, problem solving, and social interactions, structured play allows teachers to tailor the existing curriculum to the needs of the class and of the individual child. This balance encourages each child to reach his/her highest potential.
Our Curriculum
Our curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood as set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We focus on physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development and address both the individual child’s needs and the needs of the class as a whole with a variety of activities. Each week is thematically based leading to connections between and among the varied activities and aiding in a greater understanding of concepts, subjects, and skills.  The curriculum is also lined with the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. Discussions and activities based on a variety of different cultures, traditions, and holidays are aimed to make children aware of the world around them and to appreciate differences. Grace is said at the start of snack and our spiritual focus is ecumenical rather than denominational as we welcome children of all religious faiths.       
Our Teachers
Our teachers are enthusiastic, dedicated, and committed to providing the best education and environment for your child. Each lead teacher is certified through the Pennsylvania Department of Education and holds both a degree in Education and a Private Academic Teaching Certificate. Thornbury Preschool offers the excellent average child/adult ratio of 7:1.