For  over 30 years, the Thornbury Preschool  in  Cheyney, Pa.
has been a nursery school where children can come together
to play, and to learn together.  By providing many opportunities
for their observation, movement, exploration, and socialization,
we hope to stimulate each child's natural desire to learn,
and to play well with all peers.

Under the guidance of experienced teachers, our children will be given
continuing opportunities to develop those skills that will ease their transition
from preschool to elementary school.

                                                         Early Childhood is such an important time, where so many
                                                         valuable life-long lessons are learned.  We hope to provide
                                                         an environment where our children can further develop
                                                         their unique understanding of themselves, each other, and
                                                          our world!

                                                    It is our intention to expose our children to many
                                                    opportunities and experiences which will help to provide
                                                    a  happy and meaningful first school experience.
T                                                  The primary emphasis of our school is learning through play.
There are 3 general areas of our daily 2.5   hour session/ curriculum:
      Readiness: math, pre-reading and writing skills   
                                 Free and Directed Social Play  
                                                                  Art,  Music,  and Creative Movement
Along with social, physical, intellectual and emotional development, we feel children can experience spiritual appreciation and growth as well.  We discuss secular and religious holidays, and offer a simple grace before our snack.    We welcome children of all religious faiths.